Hebit, technical configuration

The Hebit consists of the housing, the elevator, the cover, the front panel and the art. The Hebit raises everything ect garbage cans, bicycles, garden equipment, grill, inventories.

The case takes on technology, providing good insulation from the soil. To resume the earth pressure, housing made ​​of galvanized steel sheets folded several times is made. This results in a stable double-walled housing. This allows a stiffening of concrete not necessary. This brings the overall balance significant cost and time savings.

Through the good simple design special sizes are no problem for us and affordable for you. We introduce ourselves flexibly to customer needs.

The housing can also be created from concrete and we deliver Hebit as a kit.

The lift is the part of the plant, which is raised. On it are the tons. To fill the lift is raised only about 60 cm, the lid of the barrel open automatically. The garbage bags must not be raised with difficulty, but can easily be thrown into the open tons.

The operation is very easy and takes place via a key switch and buttons for up / down. These are integrated together with the emergency stop button in a beautifully designed stainless steel column or can be placed under plaster. On the lift are tons whose lid open automatically. The garbage bags must not be raised, but can easily be thrown into the open tons.

The technique consists of a standard motor cable with integrated limit switches for up and down. This motor is moved by two chains waves. At these waves of elevator chains is suspended flexible and lies down when closing the case. This allows the Hebit be installed with slope, to adapt to the environment and compensate gradient or other inaccuracies.

The look is unique. The Hebit has a raised edge as screening the soil. The lid fits through inlet slopes the profile and this gives the look. The lift disappears formally in the area.

The cover stands out horizontally and must therefore be personalized. A bank or flower pots can be placed on it and ride. The cover may ect with wood, mulch, stones split, thin stone slabs. be occupied.

The safety is our main concern. The operator is at least 1.5 m from the complex and ensures that there are no creatures are on the lift. To fill the lift is raised only 60 cm and stops automatically if desired. To remove the tons a barrier must be opened by the lift is locked.

The load capacity is 300 kg.

The lid can be walked on in the closed state.