Hebit, the design possibilities

What makes the Hebit are the design possibilities of the cover. The Hebit adapts to the appearance of the garden and is integrated into the environment.

The cover stands out horizontally, thus you are offered the opportunity to make these according to your wishes.

You can, for example wood, bark, split stones, thin slabs, etc. occupied and decorated.

You can also buy items such as a bank, flower pots, ect. make sure that compete when lifting.

The cover is made of galvanized sheet steel and has a backsplash of 50 mm. It fits with about 5 mm air into the edge of the casing to a ground.

You can with about 50 - 100 kg of occupied and is walkable. Including benches and flower pots, etc. can be placed on the Hebit.

The cover is flexible and is mounted on the housing. So it fits perfectly to the gradient of the environment and is barely visible.