Hebit, the incorporation

First a hole in the ground to be excavated for the installation. The pit is dug about 10 cm larger than the housing.

To protect the system against the surrounding soil, we provide a double-walled housing made of galvanized sheet steel, creating a concrete or brick cladding can be omitted.

The housing has no bottom. A layer of gravel about 10 cm thick on the bottom of the earthen hole ensures that any side can seep water penetration.

At the 4 corners stone plates are laid (curb plates) and aligned in height with the surrounding soil.

The system comes complete as fully assembled with the case and put in the hole in the ground using an excavator or crane.

The floor covering around is contributed works to the raised edge of the steel casing (Paving stones, wood, earth, etc.) and the lid is designed.

The control column is used with a minimum distance of 1.5 m into the ground or the customer a key switch is placed at the house or flush.

A cable to the power connector of 220 V AC is placed in the pit. This must be provided with an RCD.

We are happy to advise you and we will send you detailed information about installation.